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We hope that you find this guide helpful to find out more about us and the sessions that we offer.  Many of the questions we get asked are similar to ones asked previously and as such it may be useful to list them here for you to see.  However, if we haven’t answered your question here, or need further information, simply get in touch with us by visiting our contact us page.

What do I need to bring to a swim lesson?

Your swim costume, goggles if you want to use them and can do so safely, your towel, an adult to be available on the side during the lesson if swimmer is under 8 yrs old and finally a smile is always a great thing to bring.

Are there baby changing facilities?

Yes but do bring your own travel mat if possible in case ours are in use.

Are there showers?

Yes there are showers.

How much are the lessons?

Head to the relevant group on the courses section of the main site to see further details. However, we are committed to being cost effective and affordable.

Do I need goggles?

Only if you want to wear them. If you do please ensure you know how to use them safely and have the size adjusted to be comfortable to wear before the lesson.

Do you supply swimming goggles?

We do not provide goggles for use during the sessions, and we advise you bring your own. However, we have goggles available to purchase if you need them – then they are yours to keep forever.

Happy Nappy – what is that?

If your child needs a nappy on during a swim session, please ensure it is a proper swim nappy and is worn under a swim costume/swim shorts.

Can I get changed on the side of the pool?

For safety, space and to allow those watching lessons to have a clear view, please only use the changing rooms for getting changed before and after lessons. For safeguarding reasons, please do not get changed on the poolside or in any other public area other than the designated changing rooms.

What if I have Covid or another illness when I have a lesson booked?

Please only come to lessons if you are feeling healthy and well. Please leave 48hrs clear of any sickness or diarrhoea bug before returning to swimming. If you have covid-19 please adhere to the current government guidelines as outlined on the government website.

Can people watch lessons?

If you are a parent or guardian of a swimmer you are welcome to watch them swim – although no photographs/videos in the pool or changing areas are to be taken. As space can sometime be limited please try to keep those watching to a maximum or 2 people per swimmer. Please use clean shoe covers when walking to the pool side. Unfortunately there isn’t space for prams and pushchairs on the pool side or in changing rooms.

If my child is upset during a lesson what should I do?

Children sometimes get anxious, especially when learning new skills. Don’t worry – our teachers and assistants are trained to expect this. If your child becomes upset please trust the teacher to handle it and follow their lead. If they think your child might need a little extra TLC from you they will let you know. Please don’t try to talk to your child during a lesson as this can be distracting and confusing for them.

Is there free parking at your pools?

Yes. We always select pools with free parking and plenty of spaces available. No doubt there will be busier times than others, so please leave plenty of time to find alternatives.

Is there food available?

There is no food permitted on pool side and, for safety reasons, neither are hot drinks. Please keep drinks to bottles and ensure you take them home with you.

If I miss my lesson will I be refunded?

You will only be refunded your lesson if we have to cancel – you would be offered a refund or an alternative date to make up the missed time. Please see our Terms & Conditions for full details of our refund policy.

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