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Who are we?

USwim is a swim school committed  to ensuring each person is safe and confident around water as an absolute core priority.  Whist swimming is a lot of fun and has many benefits, it is also and essential life skill important to be mastered by all.  From this foundation, we aim at building swimming skills to the highest levels achievable for  our learners.

Here at USwim we have a dedicated, friendly, qualified and experienced team with a diverse array of watersport backgrounds; from teaching at all levels from beginners to competitive club swimming and coaching, to lifeguarding water safety skills and wider open water based sports.  We specialise in ensuring correct techniques are taught from the very start and building blocks are built upon in a fun and positive way, using a variety of and varied and creative lessons and equipment.

Each teacher and assistant is trained and qualified by Swim England and undertakes regular and consistent training to remain up to date and relevant with all swim developments.  There are always fully qualified life guards at lessons.

We follow the Swim England ‘Learn to Swim’  programme and can provide all relevant certificates and badges to celebrate milestones and swim goals and be proud of their swimming achievements.

What we offer

Small group and 1-2-1 lessons for all ages and abilities, from ‘never dipped a toe in the water’ to perfecting breathing and timing technique for competitive club swimming and beyond. Plus specialist lessons such as water safety and parent and baby sessions.

Our Experience

Within our team is many years worth of teaching experience covering all levels of ability, from non swimmers and beginners through to refining skills, developing endurance and preparation for club standard swimming.

Why choose USwim?

USwim prides itself on helping swimmers develop excellent swimming technique, water confidence and knowledge. We create the competency building blocks to ensure solid foundations are built and abilities exist before progressing to the next level, making the best swimmers.

Integrity & Quality

Each stage of the USwim program has specific and clear developmental and detailed skills aims.  We create competency building blocks to ensure solid foundations and abilities exist before progressing to the next level.  This approach ensures each child can move confidently up through the stages ready to expand their swim knowledge and ability whilst feeling confident amongst their swim peers.

USwim is both ability based as well as age sensitive so whilst adults and teens will not be in the same classes as foundation age children, you may, for example, see an array of primary ages in a class together.  Individuals will all have a swim assessment as part of their introduction to USwim to ensure they are in the right class and individuals will move through stages as and when they have mastered the competencies in the level they are at; trust us – we are the experts!

USwim prides itself on integrity and quality.  Whilst other swim schools may rush learners through their stages to make space at the starter levels, USwim learners will be treated as the individuals they are and will each be masters of their own water levels; progressing through to the top levels will see learners ready to move to club/competitive level should they wish or even diversify to things like Life Saving and Swim Teaching – maybe they’ll be the next generation of USwim Teachers and Assistants!

  • We have integrity and a clear core goal – Everyone is water safe, confident & have the ability to become the best swimmer they can.
  • We have a great mix of  qualifications and diverse experience within the core team.
  • We ensure proper foundations and techniques are laid from the start.
  • As an organisation, our primary goal is to  focus on the swimmer .
  • We are friendly, professional and dedicated to being the best for both you and ourselves.
  • We recognise the importance of parent/carer involvement and provide regular feedback on the learners progress.