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For our younger learners, right at the start of their swimming journey, we introduce them to swimming an a FUN and creative way. In smaller groups, these learners learn the FUNdamentals of swimming whilst being encouraged and supported at every stage.

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These sessions are targetted to develop the skills gained from the early stages into the higher stages of competance. We aim for the learners to develop and master their arm and leg technique, whilst refining their pody positioning in the water.

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As part of the higher stages, our teachers refine the skills that have been gained by the learner, moving on to the mastery of breating and timing as part of stroke technique and focusing on stamina and endurance as part of their continued development.

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Many learners benefit from dedicated time with a teacher on a one to one basis. These personalised sessions can focus on whatever element is deemed necessary and often produces accelerated results and noticeable improvements. Book in with us today!

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It really is never too late to learn! Whether you have never been in water before or lack the confidence you want to have, our adult beginners lessons are for you. We help you build the water skills and confidence to progress and become competant.

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Once the basic skills have been mastered, along with gaining water confidence and safety skills, adult learners work with their swim teacher to further develop their skills and increase their levels of competence and technique.

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How long are our lessons?

Each of our standard  teaching sessions is allocated for 30 minutes, having a pool time of a minimum of 25 minutes.  This allows for a 5 minute period for administration, register taking and feedback where necessary.  This may vary for other bespoke and non-standard teaching sessions as otherwise detailed.

Will the learner be in the right group for them?

We always make sure you are placed in exactly the right group for you!  At USwim, there is nopressure to either put learners in a group that they are not ready for, or progress them forward ahead of what they are are capable of.  Working closely to Swim Englands  ‘Learn To Swim’ stages, we ensure each criteria is met before any progression is made.  This helps ensure that each groups swimmers are at similar levels and helps to make lessons more productive and progressive.  Our experienced teachers can keep you up-to-date with progress so that you are able to assist in the development of the learners.

Swim Assessment Session

The first session you book onto will be allocated into the group which, after discussion with you, would likely be the best fit for the swimmer themselves.   Once we have assessed your swimming in this session, we suggest whether this group is most appropriate for your progression, or an alternative group is suggested.  We also, periodically, run assessment days, where a short session is undertaken and groups allocated after this observation.  We always like to discuss the best option for you so please contact us to talk through the options.

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